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The Yoga Teacher Training Programs

We are a yoga school with a Classical Yoga lineage that goes back to the 1940‘s. New Future Society Yoga School is recognized by the Yoga Alliance of America, offering 200 & 500 hour YTT Certified Courses, taught by Yoga Alliance certified, 500 E-RYT teachers.

The 500 hr. designation includes both courses: the 300 hr course to be taken after the 200 hr course is completed. This makes it possible for all 200 hr teachers, even from other schools, to further their studies with us.

All graduates from NFSYS are eligible to become Registered Yoga Teachers (RYS 200 or 500). The RYS certification is the professional standard for those wanting to teach yoga.

Current 200 hr. program: Accepting applications.

All are welcome to apply.  Please email us any questions you may have, along with a short introduction about yourself or come by and introduce yourself.

You will experience and gain knowledge about Yogic consciousness, the inner being and mind as well as all aspects of the physical Yoga practice and the skills required for teaching these subjects. Our goal is for you to gain mastery of Hatha and Tibetan Yoga, Pranayama, Mantra, Yogic Philosophy and Yogic Psychology, and the beginning level of The Yogic Art of Healing.

Tuition for the 200 hour is $3000 and is a 7-8 month course although it may take longer.
(Special financial considerations are offered for a variety of situations and to students who have partial credit through other schools.) 

Note: We sincerely welcome those students that may not wish to ever teach and who’s passion is to experience these sacred teachings.

  1. Tuition includes, the YTT manual, free admission to all classes and events at the center during the course.

  2. Suggested reading materials are available in our library or online.

  3. A diploma will be provided at completion of the course.

  4. The program schedule is determined according to the needs of each group. Usually meeting every other week. For example:  a weekend day and a weekday plus a yoga class or only weekends or weekdays or any combination.  

  5. One to one personal mentoring throughout the program, a
    most beloved feature as well as continued mentorship after graduation are included in our YTT.


  1. Hatha Yoga asanas and Tibetan Yoga  will be taught.

  2. Pranayama (breathing techniques) are  powerful aids for health, consciousness and stilling of the mind.  

  3. Mantras and Meditation. 

  4. Introduction to Sanskrit.

  5. The Yogic Art of Healing is introduced in the 200 hr and expanded in the 500 hr program. These healing techniques, includes Subtle-Energy Healing on the Chakras and the body, allowing the body to enter into a deep semi-sleep state so the whole being can rejuvenate into wellness.


Our belief is that when the student learns to exist without the presence of the ego, they will in turn teach with the purity of the Yogic spirit of truth and happiness. There is a wide variety of material covering most all areas of teaching and practicing. They include: alignment and modification, safe adjustments,  sequencing and class planning, projecting an effective voice, tone and persona. Some of the types of classes taught: gentle, flow, spiritual, therapeutic elements, beginner, intermediate, pre-natal & infant, children, teens, couples, seniors, and adult classes.

Philosophy, Lifestyle and Ethics

Our philosophy is that knowledge comes from direct experiencing.  We are inspired by great masters, philosophers and leaders who by their example lead us into our own greatness. Our direct lineage is Lakshmi Devi, Premananda Deva, Sri Mati Ananda Devi and Sri Aurobindo.

Philosophy, Lifestyle & Ethics Con’t

  1.   Students are led through an exploration of ancient texts covering many different topics from our library such as The Yoga Sutras, Bhagavad Gita and a suggested reading and movie list.

  2.   The lifestyle of yogi’s vary widely, we encourage an ethical, consciousness healthy lifestyle.  Questioning, seeking truth, inspiring the highest action, creating a love of spontaneity and naturalness are encouraged.

  3.   The business side of Yoga, including business entities, accounting, insurance,
    advertising and setting up your own practice are discussed.


  1. Both physical and subtle Anatomy

  2. Chakras and levels of consciousness

  3. Correct alignment, adjustments and modifications

  4. Yoga as therapy for the integration of asana, pranayama, mantra, meditation and consciousness.

Practicum & Requirements

Students are encouraged to attend yoga regular yoga classes/events here to get a feel for our style. Complete the assignment of creating a 4 & 8 week courses. Skills are assessed throughout and at the end of the course. Student teachers teach periodically as part of their training.

200 Hour and 500 Hour Courses

“ As one truly seeks to become a teacher, he or she must first come to an understanding and a realization within themselves, for within our spiritually realized Self, there is a source of all knowledge and wisdom” Deva

Savitri F. Bach, the director and principal teacher of New Future Society Yoga School in North America, teaches Classical Hatha Yoga and Tibetan Yoga per Premananda Deva and Lakshmi Devi. Savitri is an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher  (E-RYT)  for both E-RYT 500 hr & E-RYT 200 hr. and Certified in Healing from New Future Society and Sat Nam Rasayan.

The breakdown of hours:

                                                 200 - 500  hr. Programs

Techniques                             100 - 200

Teaching Methodology            27 - 57

Anatomy/Physiology                20 - 56

Philosophy, Lifestyle, Ethics  47 - 131

Practicum                                  10 - 50

Non Contact hrs.                      24 - 50