Tibetan Yoga is:

  1. For enhanced mental and physical health

  2. Complimentary with Hatha Yoga

  3. Flowing, stress relieving and delightful

  4. Enhances the energy in the body by encouraging natural movements

Tibetan Yoga

Originally taught to Premananda Deva’s teacher: Ananda Devi over 40 years ago by Dr. Thooris, author of “Le Yoga de Tibet”, whose master lived in Tibet. The Tibetan yoga system involves the physical movements of nature and animals, while concentrating on free-flowing movement of the body thus cultivating the spirit of letting go–”Wu Wei”.



“I can’t stop smiling, this is not your typical Yoga class.” Venus Hulse

“ I really like the mix of classical Indian and Tibetan Yoga. I look forward to final relaxation here and the calming atmosphere after a stressful day in the office. Eric Bach