Stylized, classic poses (asanas) for all people, beginners and advanced.

The Tibetan yoga system involves the movements of nature and animals, concentrating on free-flowing movement of the body, cultivating the spirit of letting go–”Wu Wei”.

Many different forms of breathing are incorporated, Pranayama Breathing, known for over 5000 years by the Yogis and masters from ancient times, enables you to experience renewed energy. That is why about 20 minutes leaves you feeling refreshed as if you had slept for 2 hours and often looked upon as an elixir for real revitalization because of it’s ability to lighten the consciousness.


Meditation for centuries has proven to be a valuable method for training the mind, releasing stress and bringing more heath to the body by opening up to our full potential of Shakti or subtle energy. This Shakti can assist in purifying the being on on all levels, mental, emotional, physical and most significantly spiritual.


The purification process during Meditation releases thoughts and ideas that are considered toxic to the fundamental health of the spirit and body. In this sensitive and profound state of mind one can view and send away old thoughts and beliefs that have previously controlled the being.

Mantra’s, ancient words and sounds have specific attributes, and are often used to further bring one mind to a higher plane of consciousness and stillness.

Healing the body of many ailments can be accomplished through Meditation as these ancient techniques return the being to its original state of harmony, love, joy, beauty, grace, goodness and truth. These states in Meditation are often felt as a delicious sweetness. The singular most important tool of Health for the human being is Meditation because of its outstanding ability to uplift the mortal consciousness to its spiritual counterpart.

Looking within to bring the mind out of duality and in line with ones highest consciousness.

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This path offers states of calmness and profound self knowledge, that contribute to a state of peace with in the mind and a healing of the emotional self. This path of Yoga is directed toward those people who wish greater health and wellbeing, experience deeper peace and freedom in their spirit, and finally to discover a profound reality within themselves.