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These Meditation events are free although Donations are welcome. 

14010 Arctic Avenue
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Monday Evenings:  7:30 pm – 8:30 pm
Thursday Evenings:  7:30 pm – 8:30 pm

Experience Meditation that will bring you into that deepest most loving connection within you. This form of Meditation assists in smoothing one’s life, improving health and inviting more joy. This profound, powerful and transforming semi-guided Meditation technique was passed down to Savitri by her teachers Sri Premananda Deva and Lakshmi Devi in 1998.

Everyone is welcome! These free meditation sessions are for beginners and experienced meditators as well as practitioners of all levels of other disciplines.


Above is an NFS Meditation for Inner Peace for you to enjoy. Relax, close your eyes and let yourself enter into your inner world.

“ I have been practicing meditation twice a day for over 40 years. I was blessed to meet Savitri about six years ago and she has increased the depth, connection and joy of my practice. I have also benefited from Savitri”s expertise as a yoga instructor and wellness guide. Her unique gift is helping each person--regardless of where they are in life--to unlock the wellspring of wholeness and health that resides within each of us.

Savitri embodies the positive qualities that make for better relationships, careers and spiritual lives. She helps others unfold these qualities using a gentle, skilled and caring approach. Savitri is a gifted teacher that people may travel thousands of miles or wait years to meet, yet she is accessible and available to help anyone in need. Savitri is really a gem but most importantly she helps those she works with to radiate the love and light that lives within each heart!” Pat Hogan

“Even after years of meditation, discipleship with another guru and  several trips to India, this is the first time my mind felt this still and peaceful. Thank you for taking the time with me so I could experience this.”  A. O.

Elevate your consciousness and feel peace within everyday. 
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Meditation for Inner Peace by Savitri

Meditation for Consciousness and Healing

People often comment that . . .“the Meditation here, brings me into a very calm, peaceful and loving state and the time goes by so quickly. . .” 

Online, in real-time with Skype.

For the first time only:
You will need a Skype account.
My address is: savitri.bach

Ask to be accepted, then Log in 7:20-7:30pm EST.

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