Day of the Goddess

March 10


For over 10 years and over 100 Day of the Goddesses. . . You are invited to an exceptional experience.

“I’ve been to most every Day  the Goddess for over 10 years now. The experience always renews and uplifts me.” Chandra

“I always look forward to the Day of the Goddess every month.  The talks are very interesting, the meditation is very beneficial and the food is delicious. A perfect combination, I do my best not to miss this Day of Light. A.L.C

Please call or email us  with any questions you may have. (301) 452-7780

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  1. Feeling refreshed and uplifted 

  2. A release from negativity & stress

  3. Your mind having more clarity & becoming more quiet

  4. How to identify your Two Selves or duality.

  5. A fresh perspective you can use in your life.

You may experience . . .

This event is equally attended by both women and men.

The sacred feminine is in everything.  The sacred feminine is often represented by the Goddess,  the healing force and nurturer of the universe. Since 2005, this event has been offering the opportunity to experience and bring the mind in line with the consciousness of the Divine Mother and her Shakti. From Savitri’s personal experience and in depth training with her teachers, she shares methods and inspiration for living in one’s inner truth at this uplifting, delightful and well loved event.

Our special Day of the Goddess will be now be offered only a few times a year so that we may bring you other Spiritual Conferences and programs.

Reservation  required.

RSVP: (301) 452-7780 or email: the center

Suggested donation: $20

Location:  14010 Arctic Avenue, 

                    Rockville, MD 20853

Inspirational Talks, Guided Meditation
& Refreshments

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