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According to ancient traditions to be in the presence of a highly cosmically consciousness or enlightened teacher is one of the most direct routes to attain Enlightenment. Savitri carries on the teachings of the masters to uplift, inspire and illumine. Guiding those to discover the clarity within their inner wisdom and deepen their connection to a truly lasting liberation of the spirit.


Spiritual Conferences

Inspiration and Mystical Secrets to
Illumine your Spiritual Path.

2019 Schedule

1:00 - 3:00pm

Join New Future Society and spend a special afternoon filled with inspiring, thought provoking wisdom, healing and pure delight with the spiritual teacher Savitri Yogini. You will not want to miss these special talks. Bring a notebook, there is always something you may want to remember.

~ Registration for these events is suggested.
    Call 301-452-7780

    or email: the center

~ Cost: Your Offerings for these events are

    gratefully accepted.

Savitri Bach